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About company

Tehnika-Agro produces tillage equipment under KAMA brand name in accordance with the principle of No-Till technologies (zero tillage and cost reduction). KAMA tillage machinery is widely known and it is in demand among specialists of the agro-industrial industry due to high-quality tillage. 
Tehnika-Agro is one of the industry leaders in production of tillage machinery. 
The tillage speed of KAMA agricultural machinery is one of the highest in this class. The operation of KAMA machinery is aimed at performing such tasks as: leveling the field contour, distribution and sealing of crop residues, finishing preparation, seedbed preparation, easy cultivation, mulching, loosening on dump and non-dump backgrounds with a recess.
A single principle for any Tehnika-Agro machinery is to ensure high-quality tillage by taking into account the efficiency parameters, reducing tillage costs. 
The company's resources let the entire production cycle and R & D be carried out by the company. The materials are supplied only in compliance with 100% of the input control, this ensures high quality of the machinery.